Making documents at Andreyev Lawyers

You can now make top quality documents online, in minutes, at Andreyev Online.

Why have we done this?

The feedback we’ve received is that although people love the quality of our documents, and our friendly support, sometimes they would like to do a bit more of the work themselves online, to save some time and money.

But they also want to be able to give us a call and ask a key question now and then, to ensure they get the best outcome.

Andreyev Online is our response to these requests.

You can now log on and prepare a document in minutes: either completely ‘self-serve’, or with our friendly expertise and assistance along the way.

Can I really make a document in minutes?

Yes you can.

This is a completely automated document assembly system. Simply answer the questions, and then click “Make my document!” Your document will be prepared and ready for you to download or retrieve from your inbox within seconds, (sometimes a minute or two for the really sophisticated documents).

Can I see what the document is going to look like before I pay for it?

Yes you can.

You can prepare a draft of the document before paying. You can also make as many drafts as you wish. (We also note that some of our documents are free to use.)

Some documents also come with a handy ‘Summary’ of the key data you have entered so that you are able to check all the important bits before finalising your document.

What format do I get the document in?

Before you have paid the document is in PDF format.

After you have paid the document is in both PDF format and editable Microsoft Word format.

Are the documents I get online the same as the ones I get if I ring you up or send in a form?

Yes, and no.

The documents are exactly the same – but you answer the questions and make the choices, so the document you get out the other end is your creation.

We have tried to make the questions as clear and simple as possible. But if you need some help along the way, please feel free to give us a call on 1300 654 590 or email

We also love feedback, so keep it coming!